Step 1 - Identify Goals What task are you expert in? What effect do you want to have on people? What is your "secret sauce" What is your definition of success in: Sales Marketing Technical Personal Fame How will you know success has happened? What is the worst case Scenario if you went ahead? Step 2 - Decide Media Choices webinars hardcover book creation podcasts YouTube videos kindle publishing Pinterest face book page re targeting ads web site LinkedIn optimization local and national TV Product Demo Step 3 - Organize Audience Research NARROWLY DEFINE TARGET AUDIENCE STEAL Competitor Successes Research legal requirements Step 4 - Develop Prototypes and Test Functionality Build YouTube prototypes Split test web pages Animated videos Test live-action camera and green screen Begin web site funnel usage tests Prepare guidelines for concept tests Step 5 - Book Creation in 30 days Determine top 10 questions Get Transcription of an interview with those questions Copy Edit and Apply Images Reuse text for podcasts and YouTube Step  6 - Grow E-Mail List THE BIGGEST ASSET Possible Web site Modification Design User Incentive for E-Mail Opt-in Official market launch? Step 7 - Web site Review Critique MWR of each page  Review Page Text Copy Design Up sells and Down sells Design Funnel Pages Emphasize Micro-commitments Product Demo Review Frequent paths Public Appearances Your Electronic Business card Instant E-mail Capture Live Webinars Very High conversion Individual or "virtual summit" Automated replays get multiple conversions Can be turned into high end mastermind groups Subtopic Facebook Re targeting By Zip code By Similarity  By Past Buyers TV Appearances Prepare Rap Sheet Get Stringer Station Appearances Become Safe for National