2. Step 2 - Decide Media Choices
KEY CONCEPT: These are your "distribution channels"
KEY CONCEPT: The more media types you employ  = more perceived authority you have
KEY CONCEPT: Start with the media which has the greatest possibility for re-using the words in other media. Add others slowly, after your first choice has grown. Also consider which one seems most fun/exciting to you.
The most likely starting points are either
  • book
  • podcasts
  • YouTube videos
  • webinars
Not all media work for all products, companies, content or personalities:
  • For example, YouTube videos are great for "how to" content but can get tedious for long theoretical discussion content.
  • Webinars have very high conversion possibilities but the audience will click off if the webinar lacks structure, for example, because it is only presenters ad- libbing in front of a camera
  • Collaboration with designers, production staff, packaging engineers and any other third- party developers should be established early on.